Super - Taller

by Blanket Fort

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In 1947, after three years in a German prison camp, Domenico Fortunati decided to move to Barquisimeto (Venezuela) looking for a fresh start and opened his own garage, called Super Taller.
Super Taller is about:
grief, the past, lost futures, house’s, love, death, nostalgia, jealousy, trips, guilt, cities, pride, fear, lies, anxiety, growth, independence, comfort + many more
But really,
Super Taller is about change, accepting whatever comes with it.


released August 31, 2018

All songs wrtitten and performed by Matthew Fortunati
Drums: joel Heywood
Double Bass: Joseph Nickson
Trumpet: Ryan Broad, James Atkins
Trombone: Joe Lunn
Violin: Vincent Weight
Recorded. mixed and produced by Simon Connor, Sam Lench, Giacomo Agnifli, Manuela Alabastro, Simone Trequattrini and Matthew Fortunati at NA Studios ( Manchester UK) and Monkey Studio (Roma IT)
Mastered by Simone Trequattrini at Futureworks Studios (Manchester UK)
Artwork by Skew Deesign
Printed by Serigrafia Vortice

Released by diNotte records and General Soreness


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Lost And Found
Bright days and we’re set for the night
Who thought you would meet me outside
I'm standing up
To get back down

Turn on the sun and call everyone
A new kid has arrived on the block
A party to throw and people to know
You celebrate the price that you've earned

Turn off the sun and call everyone
This poor kid has lost what he’s won
It's easy to lose, when you've always won
You can't control everything that you've got
Track Name: Picture Girl
I wish I could call you like I used to do
Live on for days on all the things we could do
And I miss the laughs and the rolling around
The walks in the sun and the dinners at dawn

And shoot them all down, picture girl
You're more than you ever thought you were
And somewhere along this tedious road
I'll write down the rules on how to let go

And I'm not what you need from your life now
I poison your days, just by being around
And the selfish kid will take the easy way out
The deadliest cure for lonely despair
And won't you, shoot me down?
Track Name: M54UG
You took the best of me
But it's not what I miss
Stay who you are
And make it all yours
We live to exist

And what we don't fight
Will call us at night
And tear us to bits

A baby in his crib
Is crying for help
Don't let him out
He'll grow his own legs
And find his way home
And if he gets lost
He'll suck on his thumb
Until it gets sore

Tell me what you do
Tell me where you are
The people that you meet
And anything that takes your smile
Cause you’re walking around
And you’re dressed like a queen
In your beautiful smile
But your waiting to cast me your spell
But I know what you are
Track Name: Kill The Blanket King
And what now?
There's nothing on your doorstep
The kid’s up, he’s making all this noise now
He's reaching for the door, now
And I keep pulling back
But I just want to get him out
And learn to kill him
To let things go

Cause everytime I go back in, I'm lost
Track Name: 05029
Take her hands and keep them warm
Summer night and everything went wrong
Children play outside her door
Empty house and empty soul
Empty soul
Empty soul

All we wanted was get you home
Say goodbye, smile and thank you all
And thank you all

She left us with a smile
She said so long my child
And I'll just take this chair and I'll be gone

All we wanted was get you home
Say goodbye, smile and thank you all
And thank you all
Track Name: M503XT
Take a step outside
Home is miles is miles
It's all we've got for today

Speak to everyone
Crossing words, it's fun
It's all we've got, for today
Track Name: Super Taller
Man of the month
Best of the year
He’ll never hold back
Never have fear
The simplest man
Won’t wear a cape
But he'll save the day
For kindness sake

You fought for your life
You lived for mine
And weak were the bones
Lost was the mind
But nothing on earth
Could stand a chance
For a good man’s will
Is meant to last

No need to fear, Super Taller is here
He'll glow in the sky, and save another day
He'll save another day
Track Name: Give Up The Ghost
We’re not the only ones
No one deserves it
We’ll make the same mistakes
Just like they all did

We're not the broken ones
The ghost has spoken
We'll wait for their escape
Hold on to what's left

The day has come
Cover it all
Cover it all and take in
You'll take the fall
Cover it all
Cover it all and take in

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