Threelakes / Phill Reynolds SPLIT

by Threelakes / Phill Reynolds

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released January 17, 2015

Burrow, Two Deserts e Four Season Blues - registrate The Guitar Room Studio, ottobre 2014, Mantova.
Voci e strumenti: Luca Righi

Phill Reynolds
Twosday - registrata e mixata da Brian Esselbrugge, giugno 2014, Utrecht.
Cori di Kim Janssen, cello suonato da Daan Spanjaardt
Hey Joy - registrata e mixata al TUP Studio da Brown Barcella, agosto 2013, Brescia.
Cori di Francesca Morello aka RYF.

L’intero album è stato masterizzato da Maurizio Baggio all’Hate Studio di Rosà (Vi).



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Track Name: Threelakes - Burrow
I should leave the pain just behind

of my years, my sixteens, damned time.

I want stay one more day

not digging’ out memories of that age.

Somebody dies, somebody does not.

Somebody is waiting to write one more song.

I lost the count of the people around.

The past is just past you’re living right now.

Somebody dies, somebody does not.

Somebody is waiting to get a little old.
Track Name: Threelakes - Two Deserts
I slept to times in the sand but I don’t know why I got there.

I searched my clothes to get away but the rain blots out my brain.

You should leave, I should stay. If I’ll find the key I can stay.

Far enough from the end where the sky washed out my tent.

I watched some guys fall apart where the black crowds throw black darts.

You should leave, I should stay. If I’ll dream again I can stay.

I tell you man you were right but so far away from being a knight.

Your armor shines like a lie, your sword lost steel at your side.

You should leave, I should stay. If I’ll find the sword I can stay.

You should leave, I should stay. If I’ll find the key I can stay.

You should leave, I should stay. If I’ll dream again I can stay.
Track Name: Threelakes - Four Season Blues
We drove springs and falls

Winter comes and takes our souls

We ride rain and snow

Summer calls back this cold

Warm breeze dries my bones

Rain feeds my dry toes

Storm paints my grey songs

Snow saves my hot throat

Thunder shakes my still road

Light freezes this shaking world

Blue sun in a red pyre

Moon pray for my desire

Sour lakes and big black swans

Oh man what we have done
Track Name: Phill Reynolds - Twosday
We met yesterday at the show

the only thing we shared was "hello"

a few meters became continents

oh it's a shame, we're not ok

Our bodies used to reach stunning peaks

our souls were too shy to confess

we were about to feel so good i guess

but scared about Love

i just preserved

my solitude

and so did you

Sex and feelings can match so clean

sometimes they hit and hurt

and make you mean

i still don't know what happened though

i just keep singing

those strangers whose faces i know

Maybe one day we will laugh so bad

tonight the rain says it's a drag

i'll walk my way while you will walk away

maybe one day, we'll be ok
Track Name: Phill Reynolds - Hey Joy
Hey joy, sail on my seas and connect, joy

the islands of my discontent, joy

blow a smooth breeze on my banks, joy

strip off this clothing from my cliffs

give me proper streams

to sink my mistakes in the abyss

let me flow into

teach me how to exploit your tides

hey joy, stay here by my side

give me teeth and lips to build a smile

give me more because and please no more why

give me a six­pack laughs and someone to embrace

and a brand new past and a brand new face

a braid of poise and a pint of trust

you must drive me, joy, to remove the dust

from my days my glance my bays my banks

get closer joy, please grab my hands

and don't leave them till it will be me to grab yours,

to grab your own hands
Track Name: Phill Reynolds - Man?
Short hair blue pinafore, long hair pink pinafore, guns vs dolls

the line was drawn while we still were light­bearers, bound to fall

in that fragile age, in that world of wonder and games with no end

you little boy are in the dark about the pride, the plot, the part:

to act, react and subject as a man

The role grows with you, breaks through

without a clue, sets in, claims, rules within

it's the taste of first! in a Hot Wheels race

the feast of violence of a wrestling ace

the tanks of tin

you quote the grown­ups but your questions crumble

upon the growls of those World Cup fans

they intimate, you imitate, support the match, learn the hate

they're so proud when you do the man

Then comes the Cross to nail your body and dull your soul

the first wet dream, that dirt, the sin, that dizzy fault

the doubts of lust, small heart that hurts

the fences and the glances you don't plan

the lack of trust, the classmates jokes ­show your muscles

fag, sissy jerk are you a man?

You grow up. Now your sex is a tool

to aim where the weak sex browse

you're not aware that

the masters' tools will never dismantle the masters' house

in fact, you're already inside it, where sex is sexism

and the White Male commands

and so on, all your life, forcing yourself and your wife,

your children but for God Country and Family, you're a

That night in each other's arms, our bodies and souls about to shine

she felt my hands, on her skin to please, as they weren't mine

i became the salt on her ancient scars opened again

we lived the tragedy of God­blessed centuries

of cruel supremacy of Men

Am i a man? What is a man?